Vending Machines

Telemetry System

We are now using a State of the Art Telemetry system on our machines that is remotely monitored allowing us to check the sales, re-stocking & any can highlight any fault that may arise, from our office computer or Smart phones – 24/7. Using this telemetry allows us to re-stock your machine more accurately, alerting us to products that may be sold out, reducing sales. The system gives us daily, weekly & monthly sales, inventory levels & fault alarms.

Credit Card System

At 4 Square Vending we are now installing our Machines with a Credit card facility. The facility allows customers to Tap & Go with a credit card or Swipe their card for a Cashless transaction to purchase a Vending machine item.

Members Loyalty Card System

We are able to install a Member’s Loyalty Card System onto our machines for installation in Clubs. Each machine with the Swipe system allows the patron to swipe their Club Members card to purchase items from the Vending machine, making it easier for patrons, not having to use coin or cash. Some of our Club’s currently using this system are Mingara, Central Coast Leagues Club, Wallsend Diggers & Cardiff RSL.