Product Range


Smiths Chips - Original/Cheese & Onion/Chicken/Salt & Vinegar/Twisties/Burger Rings/Doritos/Pretzels

Red Rock Deli – Honey Soy Chicken/Sour Cream & Chilli/Sea Salt/Balsamic Vinegar

Snack Brands - French Fries/Cheezels/Original Thins/Light & Tangy Thins/Arnott’s Pizza Shapes & BBQ Shapes/Thins Popped Sour Cream & Chives & Popped Original

Kettle Chips - Honey Baked Ham & Chilli

Tixana – Vege Chips-Low fat, no cholesterol, assorted flavours. Cashew Multigrain Soy mix, Piranha Snaps – Low calorie, School approved

Pork Crackle – Original & Spicy

JJ’s - Chicken, Pizza & Burger Snacks

Arnotts - Wagon Wheels, Tim Tams

Mars Chocolates – Mars Bar, Snickers, M&M’s, Teasers bar, Twix, Skittles

Cadbury Chocolates – Chunky bars inc. Dairy Milk, Caramello, Snack, Fruit & Nut. Boost, Crunchie, Picnic, Cherry Ripe, Twirl, Time Out, Giant Caramello Koala & Giant Freddo, Turkish Delight

Nestle – Kit Kat 4 finger, Kit Kat Chunky, Milk & Cookie bar, Crunch bar

Nobby’s Nuts - Peanuts/Beer Nuts/Cashews

Seriously Nuts – High fibre bags of Mixed nuts & Fruits. Healthy, Energy, Cranberry, Pistachio, Soy Crackers & more

Go Natural -Go Natural Muesli Slices & Go Natural Fruit & Nut bars – assorted flavours, Yoghurt coated & plain

Mrs Higgins – Choc Chip Cookies & Macadamia Cookies, Brownies

Large selection of Confectionery lines – Musk Sticks, Life Savers & Pastilles (many flavours), Werthers, assorted Mentos, Ghost Drops, Double Dip, Trolli range of Gummies, Sour spray, Wonka Gobstoppers & Nerds. Allens & Starburst ‘C’ packs, Aussie Glucose lolly bags

Chewing Gums - including PK, Extra, Eclipse

Medicated Lines – Anticol, Butter Menthol, Soothers, Eucalyptus drops & Quik-Eze

Microwave Popcorn

John West Tuna to Go packs – crackers & flavoured Tuna kit

Continental Cup-a-Soup – many varieties

Safcol - Safcol Tuna & Rice bowl

Noodle Cups – just add boiling water – many flavours

Workout Snacks & Protein bars – huge assortment of Aussie Bodies Lo-Carb bars, Titan bars, Protein Cookies & Supplements for gyms


Coca Cola - Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke – cans & 600ml bottles

Schweppes – Solo, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Lemonade, Passiona, Orange Mango Mineral Water, Lemon Lime Mineral Water, Sunkist, Mountain Dew – cans & 600ml bottles

Kirks – Ginger Beer, Creaming Soda, Lemon Squash & Lemonade - cans

Barista Bros - Iced Chocolate & Iced Coffee 600ml

Energy Drinks – “V” – assorted sizes, Mother, Red Bull

Sports drinks – Gatorade, Powerade, Staminade 600ml

Up & Go

Kyneton Mineral Water 600ml

Still Water – Organic Springs 600ml

Workout & Protein Milks – Musashi milks, Crankt Protein Milk & Muscle milk – assorted flavours & sizes

Ice Creams & Frozen Foods

Large variety of Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine & On the Menu Frozen meals

Frozen Pies (assorted flavours), Sausage Rolls, Quiche, Pasties

Frozen Chicken Burgers & Cheese burgers , Chicken Rolls & Angus Beef Rolls

Variety of Ice creams & Ice blocks including – Maxibon, Connoisseur, Fandangles, Heart, Weis Bar, Icy Pole, Frosty Fruit

Healthy Options

At 4 Square we are aware of the importance of Healthier options on schools & work places. We stock a large range of Low fat, Low or No cholesterol snacks. High fibre, low sugar/soduim options. Nut & Muesli products & Protein drinks & bars. Our range includes, Tixana, Seriously Nuts, Go Natural & many more